Me Made May 2020 Recap

Well we did it! We made it through the month of May and with that, #memademay is over. As with everything else, it was different this year. I set goals in this blog post as I do each year. This year though, I pretty much threw them out and set one simple goal. Wear what makes me happy.  There was no need to add pressure of a self imposed challenge to the stresses of current life. I'm glad I realized this and changed my mindset because I had quite a bit of fun each day selecting my outfits. 

So quickly, let's recap my goals and what did work.

1. Wear items I don't frequently reach for Wear what makes me happy

I gave up on this pretty quickly and decided to change it. I kept reaching for pieces I really enjoy and you know what, that's okay! So instead, I wanted to wear garments that made me feel and look good. 

2. Purge and pass on items where needed

I did do this! I actually did this on May 1 and then the huge pile sat in my closet for a few weeks. I'm happy to report I have 3 boxes full of clothes to donate.

3. Try a new to me pattern company

I did this too! I gave AKPatterns a try this month and even better, wrote a blog post for them about my make. You can read more about the faux wrap top I made here. I still have other pattern companies lined up to try like Friday Pattern Co, Misusu and Little Lizard King.

4. "Dress up" once a week 

I absolutely love dresses but hadn't been reaching for them while being at home on lockdown. I'm happy to say that I did reach and exceed this goal. I felt so much better mentally after a shower and putting on a dress. It didn't need to be fancy but it made me feel more put together. 

5. Sew up one #MakeNine2020 this month

I didn't achieve this. I'm feeling the pull to make a bra, linden shorts or a bag but my time management with parenting, distance learning, outdoor projects and life just didn't make it work out. Our weather is more consistently sunny lately so I'm hoping to get the Linden shorts muslin made in the next few weeks. 

Let's dive deeper into what I was wearing and up to for the month of May. 

Most worn pattern: Pattern for Pirates Peg Legs (worn 9 times)
I love that the Peg Legs can be made in so many different fabrics and for different uses. I have pairs in DBP, ABP and Supplex that I wear for everyday or workout. 

Most worn pattern company: Made for Mermaids & Patterns for Pirates (11 days each)

Made for Mermaids
Patterns for Pirates
In addition to posting daily in my stories on IG my outfits, I was also active here on the blog. It was actually one of my most active months yet. Here's a recap of the blog posts I published. 

Rolled Cuff Tee Pinspiration

Capsule Sewing for Kids

Creating a Geo Tank

Calypso Hack Series: Changing Colorblocking

Then there were the pattern tests this month! I test regularly for several companies so monthly pattern tests isn't abnormal for me. What did end up happening was that most of these overlapped so I had a crazy week and the rest was pretty light. Here's what's new.

Sinclair Rio Tank

Pattern Emporium Unwind

Sinclair Calypso

Made for Mermaids Nora

Overall I'd say it's been a busy and productive month. I love seeing the sewing community share what they work so hard to produce. I've enjoyed finding some new accounts and sewists to follow too. 

My posts may feature affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase from these links, I receive a small percentage in compensation at no cost to you. I may have received patterns or products to test or review but the opinions I voice are my own. 


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