Make Nine 2020: Goal Setting

Let's talk 2020! It's here and I'm ready for it! I've been trying to focus my many ideas into my goals for 2020 which has taken me over a month to do. What I learned from 2019 was that more isn't better. I overextended myself and got into a headspace that was overwhelming. I've learned and have made changes to parts of my life to help simplify. 

First, I'm focusing on food. I know, this is a sewing blog but food is a huge part of my day to day. It's usually the reason that I get less sewing time or have to stop sewing, to feed someone. I found in November that I absolutely need to menu plan. It relieves the stress of coming up with what to make and saves me so much time in the day. I was turned onto the book Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Garcia so that's what I've been using consistently for the last 2 months. I spend about 2 hours on Sunday prepping food for the week and then only need 20 minutes to actively prepare the meal each night. It's allowed me to spend my afternoons sewing or spending time with kids rather than being in the kitchen.

Second, it's okay to say no to pattern tests. I'm getting picky. I have a lot of clothes that I really love so I'm starting to say no before applying to pattern tests. If it's really a pattern I want, I can purchase it later. During the last few months of 2019, many pattern tests got moved ending up with multiple weeks I had 5+ pattern tests happening at once. That was ridiculous and added unnecessary stress. I'll still do pattern tests because I like that they give me direction but I'm aiming to have no more than 1 a week. I'll also be shifting the focus of my blog so pattern releases reviews will be less frequent. They aren't what I like writing so I'll be doing more of what I do like. 

Third, I'm going to start blogging my hacks. Hacks and mashups are what I find fun so that's what I'm going to share more of. It's not often that I leave a pattern untouched so look to see more of what I've done to make a different look. 

Fourth, I'm using Trello consistently! If you haven't jumped into using Trello or something similar to keep organized, you are missing out. I have a Trello board just for fabrics I have incoming and what pattern I plan on using. I have another that is everyday of the week with what's for dinner, kid activities, sewing for the day, pattern tests due and blog post details to work out. I update it once a week but check in on it daily. 

So without further ado, here's my MakeNine2020! 


Part of my simplicity of 2020 goals is to not pick patterns if I don't know what I want to make. I'm going more general to give myself freedom in completing each item.

On my list are:
  • Bomber jacket
  • Non-legging pants
  • Chalk & Notch Farrah
  • A Bra
  • DIBY Dauphine Jeans
  • Strappy sports bra workout set
  • Men's cycling front zip
  • A Bag
  • Sew A Little Seam Linden Shorts 


My goals for the blog are much simpler. I'm going to shift to sharing what I enjoy the most which is pinspiration and comparisons. These both take a lot more work so my first instinct was to say I wanted to publish one each a month. Since I'm trying to simplify, I'd like to post one a month of either of these. I have some in the works so would love to smash this goal but for now, one post a month will be great. If you have a pinspiration you'd love to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The same is true for comparisons. 

My comparisons were the most viewed posts on the blog which is great because I love putting them together. 

My other blog goal is to get my blog on Wordpress. This is a process that I'm sure will involve my husband so I hope it gets done by June. The formatting and nuances that are apart of Blogger drive me crazy so I hope a better platform will make blogging easier overall. 

All this said, it's now February and I'm just now committing to my goals. We'll see how 2020 goes!

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