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Small Tweaks to make my Ideal Tessa

I love sewing. It's not just because it gives me a creative outlet. I love that I can make small tweaks to a pattern that gives a completely different look. Making my own changes doesn't mean I don't love the original pattern. It can mean that my body shape lends to something else, I have an inspired idea or I just want something new. I've become a more confident sewist as I make modifications to patterns to make them more me.  Today I want to walk you through the small tweaks I've done to the Love Notions Tessa Sheath dress to get my ideal version of it. This may not be your preferred version and that's okay! If you don't try to hack, mash or tweak though, you'll have no idea which is your favorite version. Tessa is a solid base pattern that I know the shape fits me well.  Today's the last day of the Love Notions Mother's Day 40% off site wide sale so scoop up any patterns you've been considering. Site wide sales don't come around often

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