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Mya Gathered Back Hack

My 8 year old niece absolutely loves the Hey June Racerback dress. It has a fun detail on the back that allows for the top of the racerback to be a different print plus features a small gather. Unfortunately this pattern only goes to size 8 and she's long since outgrown the height for it.

I decided I could make it myself with a pattern that I know will last us for years to come, Made for Mermaids Mya. I've made the Women's Mya for myself in various fabrics and cut options but took opportunity of a recent sale to grab the Mya for girls too. They've recently updated this pattern to offer sleeveless and racerback options so it was a great base to work from.
Preparing your Pattern PiecesMy first step was to prepare the pattern based on my nieces measurements. She's grown significantly since last fall and now fits into a size 10 for her chest, waist and hips then a 12 for her height. I followed the directions on the pattern for adjusting for height and traced it onto my …

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