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5 Ways to Style the Love Notion Fraser Cardigan

Fellow cardigan lover? I have well over 30 in my closet right now. They are just so perfect for so many times of the year when the weather changes throughout the day. Here in Oregon, it's not uncommon for the temperatures to range 30-40 degrees from morning to afternoon in fall and spring. Cardigan's are my favorite layering piece for changing temperatures. If you are a fellow cardigan fan, read on.  Today I want to talk about new Love Notions Fraser Cardigan . I am a Love Notions Ambassador and tested this pattern. All opinions provided are my own.  The Fraser Cardigan is on sale for $9 through Sunday January 30, 2022 as the new release price. If you use the code 'Katiek10' you'll receive an additional 10% off any purchase. Using the codes and links provided gives me a portion of the sales. I appreciate you supporting me and my sewing journey.  Pattern Details The Fraser Cardigan is a cocoon shaped cardigan designed for knits. For options, choose the plain or hood

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