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Make Nine 2019 Review

Now that we've rang in the new year and are officially in 2020, it's time to update how my #makenine2019 went. As with most things in my life, I had high aspirations jumping into 2019. I wanted to make ALL the things. I've since realized I don't need do it all. 

As far as overall completion, I ended up making 6 of the 9 items with some changes. The woven shorts, bra and jeans didn't end up getting completed. I plan on adding those to my MakeNine2020 because I do think they are realistic to accomplish this coming year. 

I wrote all about my MakeNine2019 goals and why I picked each pattern in this blog post. Below is what my MakeNine looked line from January 2019 with above being what I ended up making. 

SuccessesI did so much research looking for a coat I wanted to make and I really thought the Forester (below left) was it. I couldn't make a decision or commitment on the wool and finishes for it though. Instead, the Love Notions Octave Coat (below right) came out …

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