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My Favorite Things: Small Tools Edition

I'm a lover of tools that help make my sewing more efficient and easier. In the past 3 years since I started sewing consistently, I've found some must haves in my sewing practice. I've compiled what are my go-to items here. These are perfect for any seamstress!
Cutting ToolsOlfa 28mm Rotary CutterThis is the rotary cutter that I use for cutting almost all of my fabric. I prefer the size and shape since it sits nicely in my hand and maneuvers around curves well. The only downside to this rotary is that the shield does not lock so if you have small children and are concerned they could reach it, I'd stay away. The blades are replaceable and order able online or in stores. 

Olfa 45mm Rotary CutterThis was my original rotary cutter when I just started out. It works fine but I quickly started reaching for the smaller 28mm when cutting fabric. I still use this cutter for cutting all of my PDF patterns I've assembled. A benefit to this cutter is it has a child lock to lock …

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