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Made for Mermaids Reagan Rash Guard

Pattern Stats: Reagan & Women's Reagan Pattern designer: Made for Mermaids Pattern level: 2/10 Time start to finish: 1.0 hour Suggested fabrics: swim knit and optional swim lining Options: Short or long sleeve, cropped or top length, shoulder flounce (for kids)

Living in the Pacific Northwest, summer usually comes in July. This year though, we have already had a week of weather in the 80's! Unfortunately our swimwear from last year was all too small. Luckily, this beautiful weather came the same week the new Made for Mermaids Reagan was in testing. Everyone got a Reagan!
The kids Reagan is a unisex pattern. I used the long sleeve and top length for both of my boys. I find I prefer the long sleeves for sun protection for them. 

What's really nice about this pattern is that you really don't need swim sewing experience. It's so similar to sewing a standard knit raglan! 
For a fun detail and to flatten seams, I used my coverstitch machine to add a reverse coverstitch stitch…

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