Love Notions Terra Tunic turned Dress!


It's October but Oregon is feeling like it's still summer with weather in the mid 80's. This is such a different change from the past when normally it's raining buckets by October 1st. The nicer weather means that I can still get away with dresses and open toed shoes. I'm not going to pass up that opportunity!

If you know anything about me, you know I love dresses. While I don't exclusively wear them, I make and wear quite a few. I think my dress count is well over 100 even after purging. 🙈 It shouldn't come as a surprise when I decided to turn the Love Notions Terra Tunic into a dress! 

The reason I opted to turn the Terra Tunic into a dress was the vast array of necklines. This pattern includes 6 necklines, most unique to this pattern. Plus the split hem already included in the pattern adds a fun detail. This week is Love Notions Fall Sale with 40% off all patterns from October 3-7, 2022. If you use the code KATIEK10 you'll get an additional 10% off your purchase and give me affiliate credit. Plus, I'm giving away the Terra Tunic pattern to one person on my instagram. Go check that out too! 

While I've made the Terra Tunic a few times before, this time I opted to use the wide V-neck. V-necklines aren't unique but I like the wider shape of this one. I've also made the asymmetrical and hood options in previous makes shared at the end of this post.  

To make this hack, all you need to do is add length. I added at the waist line. If you add to the hem line, then you'd just have longer split hems. I added 10" for this make which made a hem length about 2" above my knee or at the knee in the back. The front and back of this pattern are different in length. I especially love the split hem detail. 

I've made the Terra Tunic in several different fabric bases but for this dress version I used an animal rib knit from Mily Mae Farics. I particularly love rib knit for dresses as it has extra stretch and hangs well. 

I've made a few winter versions of the Terra Tunic in the past too. I extend the length of at the bottom hem by 2" for a more dramatic split hem and instead of the 2.5" hem included in the pattern, I hem 1". This ensures a very dramatic open side which gives more movement for tunics with leggings. 

This floral is made from Super Soft Hacci and includes the lined hood neckline option. 

This is the assymetical neckline with faux buttons in a paisley rib knit. I'm not going to lie, this may be my favorite neckline ever. 

Don't miss out on the Love Notions sale while all patterns are 40% through October 7, 2022. Plus, use the code KATIEK10 to get an extra 10% off any purchases. All orders during the sale also enter you into a giveaway for a serger from Love Notions! 

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  1. I love your makes and I'm inspired to make these 2 patterns that I have had for some time now. Now is the time. I have the perfect fabric for a Forte and I have some beautiful rib knit. And where do you live in Oregon? I live in Vancouver, WA. I love this fall weather. Linda Ross

  2. I'm in Oregon, too. These last days of "summer" have been a real treat...since we know that sun won't last forever! I like your hack - especially your note of where to add the length and why. I could see myself making this in a variety of lengths.


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