Me Made May 2020

It's almost May! Can you believe it? With the Coronavirus causing a lockdown this month has seemed to go by slowly but with not a whole lot getting accomplished. I'm slowly adjusting to having my kids and husband home all the time. It's definitely impacted my sewing time but you know what it hasn't impacted... how many memade clothes I have in my closet. It's still somehow full. 

Me Made May is a challenge to make and wear handmade garments for the month of May started by SoZoWhatDoYouKnow. Zoe started this back in 2010! Here's the thing, it's a personal challenge. You can make it whatever you'd like. Want to wear exclusively MeMade clothes? Great! Want to find gaps in your wardrobe? Great! Is this a challenge to sew or wear all new clothes? It can be but that's really not the goal. You can do as much or little as you like. It's all up to you. I'll link the intro blog post on the SoZo Blog here if you want to read more and/or submit your pledge. A pledge isn't necessary, anyone is welcome to participate. 

There's a great FAQ for Me Made May here too. This will be my third year participating! In year one, my goal was to wear one memade garment a day. Last year, I wore as much memade as I could and trying to work through my less worn wardrobe. I now wear memade daily so that's nothing new for me. The difference will be that during this extended Quarantine, I'm mostly found in leggings and tunics or athletic wear. There's nothing wrong with that but I'm wearing a lot of repeat items. 

Last year my goal was to wear the older, less reached for items. Then I evaluated why I didn't reach for them. Was it the fit or style? Sometimes it was a minor detail like the sleeve was too long and easily modified. I did find I tried to justify keeping these items. Instead, I wore them one last time and passed them along. My main goal for this year is to do this again. 

For my Me Made May 2020 pledge/goals: 
  1. Wear items I don't frequently reach for
  2. Purge and pass on items where needed
  3. Try a new to me pattern company
  4. "Dress up" once a week 
  5. Sew up one #MakeNine2020 this month
Last year, I did a couple roundups of my weekly Me Made May wears. Week One can be found here and Week two here. I didn't end up finishing the blog posts although I did wear memade all year long. 

Wanting to follow along with my Me Made May goals daily? I'll be posting on Instagram at Gabeandzach! I'll also have a MMM 2020 Highlight to see each daily look. Don't be shocked if you see more than one post a day, I change all the time. 

Happy Me Made May!

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