MeMadeMay 2019 Recap: Week 1

Happy almost June! Can you believe we are finishing up MeMadeMay and are so close to summer? I surely can't believe it! This is my third year participating in MeMadeMay and my first time with a 95% handmade wardrobe already. I decided rather than just wearing clothes I made, which I do everyday already, I'd set a goal for myself. 

I challenged myself to wear items that sit in my closet unworn and evaluate why. Then purge it or modify it make it more wearable. 

To start, I pulled items out of my standard organization in the closet and made a "pick me" section at the front of my closet. My clothes are organized by type normally so the tanks are grouped together, short sleeves, cardigans, dresses, etc. This new "pick me" section was full of a wide range of clothing from woven tanks to a blazer. 

The first struggle I had was that come May 1st, the weather suddenly became warm in Oregon. My summer clothes I hadn't worn in months were now wearable so everything felt new. I realized some of these clothes I hadn't worn in a while were only because of the temperature. They were clothes that didn't transition between seasons so had been sitting for that reason.

I'm going to break up this recap into Weekly posts to not make it so overwhelming. I'll outline all the details about each item I wore, the year I made it, the fabrics and my final verdict on the items. 

Here's some of the stats:

Oldest make early 2017
Newest make February 2019
Most worn pattern company: tied between Patterns for Pirates and Made for Mermaids with 6 each
Favorite wear this week: Mama Darcey's in duster length

May 1st

Pattern: Rad Patterns Lucky Bra (2019)
Fabric: Grey Athletic
Verdict: Purge. it's cute but not the most supportive for athletic use

Pattern: Pattern for Pirates Peg legs with add-ons of pocket (2017), color blocking and contour waist
Fabric: Athletic from Joann, CL from Purple Seamstress
Verdict: Keep. Great for the winter, too hot for warmer weather

Pattern: Pattern for Pirates Essential Tank (2018)
Fabric: Fabric Mart rayon spandex
Verdict: Keep. Fit is great!

Pattern: CoEmi Jessi (2019)
Fabric: Dri-fit from Surge Fabrics, splatter CL from TKB Prints
Verdict: Keep. One of my all time favorite makes!

Then I changed...

Pattern: New Horizons Cascade Tee (2019)
Fabric: Mily Mae Fabrics Neon Dotty
Verdict: Keep! It was my first time wearing it and it's so fun. Fit is great too!

Fabric: Mily Mae Fabrics denim distressed knit
Verdict: Keep and need to make more! One of my favorite summer shorts!

May 2nd

Pattern: New Horizon Summit Peaks (2018) 
Fabrics: Knitpop & scraps
Verdict: Keep. I modified mine by stitching the pocket closed a bit and my phone doesn't fall out anymore (a change made after this tester version). 

Pattern: Made for Mermaids Women's Ava (2018)
Fabric: Mily Mae Fabrics Dusty indigo rayon spandex 
Verdict: Keep. It's a great everyday easy to wear tee.

 May 3rd

Pattern: Pattern for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan (2017)
Fabric: SAS Fabrics remnant
Verdict: Still unsure. I don't wear it because it's too hot in the summer or too cold in the fall.

Pattern: Made for Mermaids updated Women's Mya racerback tank (2019)
Fabric: Rayon spandex from stash
Verdict: Keep. Love the fit and JT reference!

May 4th- May the force be with you


Pattern: Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank
Fabric: Cotton Lycra from Joanns
Verdict: Keep. Fit is awesome and it's so fun!

 May 5th

Pattern: Made for Mermaids Mya Dress withe extended length(2017)
Fabric: Fabric Mart ITY
Verdict: Purge. I love the fit but not the fabric. I'd choose something else to wear instead.

Pattern: Made for Mermaids Darcey duster with hood (2019)
Fabric: Mily Mae Fabrics Burgundy waffle knit
Verdict: Keep. It goes with everything!

 May 6th

Pattern: Made for Mermaids Women's Nina Dress (2018)
Fabric: Rayon spandex from Joann
Verdict: Keep. So versatile.

Pattern: Made for Mermaids Darcey Duster (2018)
Fabric: Mystery sweater knit from Sincerely Rylee
Verdict: Keep. It matches all the items in my closet and I just love wearing it.

 May 7th

Pattern: Pattern for Pirates Favorite Tee Knot Option (2017)
Fabric: SAS Fabrics
Verdict: Keep. I love it with jeans or shorts.

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