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I joined the Love Notions Ambassador team at the start of 2020. This was such a privilege to be invited to this group of women. The goal of the ambassadors is to provide blog content, photos, feedback and promotion for Love Notions patterns. As with any company, Love Notions is always on the lookout for new ways to market and this group is always coming up with something new. Not only that, it's a group of women who love to sew, share ideas, and support each other. 

What's exciting right now at Love Notions is that they are moving into their own workshop commercial space this weekend! This will be the new base for Tami and Tess to work from with hopes for having classes and workshops in the future. (When it's safe to do so.) To celebrate, ALL Love Notions patterns are 50% off for Friday and Saturday only. This is the highest discount I've seen offered on Love Notions patterns. I've sewn up quite a few so I'll do a roundup at the end of this post. To shop the sale, here's my affiliate link

Now let's talk about something cool! A few months ago, all of the Love Notions Ambassadors were gifted fabric from their favorite fabric shops from Love Notions. The fabrics each ambassador selected will be compiled into a blog post all about fabric shops for Love Notions customers on the Love Notions blog. We could pick any fabrics we wanted, which proved to be hard for me!

I opted to pick Mily Mae Fabrics because we know I love Amanda and all she does. There were several fabrics that I'd had my eye on but hadn't purchased yet. What I love about Mily Mae Fabrics is that Amanda's always looking for new trends and designs. She's bringing in new fabric types in a wide ranges of colors too.

I normally buy fabric just because I love it with no plan whatsoever. This time though, I had a plan to ensure I maximized how much fabric I could get. I also wanted to get several different bases to show how they can be used. I've sewn 3 of the 5 fabrics up already so here's more on that. The fabric types that I chose (top down) are waffle, DTY rib knit, rib knit, triblend and Ponte. Now read on to see what patterns I sewed (or plan to sew) and other Love Notion pattern recommendations for these fabric types!

Narwal Tie Dye Waffle + Sloane

This is some absolutely gorgeous tie dye waffle knit. I've sewn a lot of waffle knit, usually into cardigans. I could have made the Boyfriend or Canyon cardigans but instead decided a mid weight hoodie would be more fun. I'd never sewn the Sloane even though it's been on my list for several years so I decided now was the time. 

The Sloane has a fun yolk design that allows for a pop of coordinating or contrasting fabric. I found a similar tone waffle knit from my stash for that. I do find that waffle knit can get wavy when serging so I suggest increasing your differential feed when working with it. 

Sloane has two views, this is View B which is the relaxed fit with bottom band. I added the kangaroo pocket because pockets are always nice. 

DTY Rib + LDT (crop hack)

The bright color of the aqua DTY rib reminds me of summer. I knew immediately that I wanted to make it into a hacked crop Laundry Day Tee. Then I decided, might as well hack a shelf bra into it too. This hack will be up on the blog soon!

The DTY rib is unique to other rib knits in that it is cool and silky. This slinkier wide rib hangs nicely with the shape of the LDT. This fabric would also lend well to the Sunday Romper, Summer Basics and Forte.

Dainty Daisy Rib Knit + Forte + Lil' LDT

My plan next was to sew up a different view of the Forte. I've made 2 different Fortes and loved both so why not make another?! I started with the View B dress which is a non-gathered handkerchief style. I chose to use rib knit because I love how easy it is to sew and how beautifully it drapes. 

As I was cutting though, I decided I wanted a straight hem line so modified the skirt shape. For some reason, dainty prints like these cute Daisys just scream at me that they need light flutter sleeves. I'm glad I listened. Rachel, another ambassador, wrote a post for the Love Notions blog all about modifying a sleeve to make it a flutter sleeve. Even though her blog post was for the classic tee, I was able to follow the steps to create a flutter sleeve for the Forte. I kept it unhemmed since this rib knit doesn't fray. 

I had enough scraps left to use make my niece a Lil' LDT in top length with a matching tunic for her doll. She usually will only wear pink but said this was just too cute, of course she'd wear it!

Rib knit is one of the most versatile fabrics in my opinion. I've used it for the Vivace Dolman, Summer Basics dress and La Bella Donna

Triblend + Classic Tee

I've had a love affair with triblend since my first time sewing it up. Triblend is a blend of three fabrics, in this case polyester, cotton and viscose. This blend makes the ideal "t-shirt" fabric to me. It works for everyone. The t-shirt that I wanted to make with this mustard color is the Classic Tee. I haven't gotten to it yet, mostly because I want a v-neck version so keep putting it off. 

While I haven't sewn myself a triblend tee, I did make one for my husband. When I showed him my plan, he didn't think he'd like it. Good thing I didn't listen and made it anyways. The Men's Game Day Jersey sewed up nicely with the triblend. This one is utilizing the spruce solid and stripes. He's wearing this tee as soon as it comes out of the wash so I think he likes it.

Denim Ponte + Sabrina Slims

This fabric I haven't sewn up on purpose. I intend to make a pair of Sabrina Slims with it. Since it's summer right now and the middle of a pandemic, I'm going to hold off and make these in the fall. I'm so excited about them I don't want them to not fit! Plus, it's 98' today so it's not like I'd be wearing pants right now. This will be my 4th pair of Sabrina Slims, they are that good! I have a blog post here with more photos of my past makes. I'll definitely be adding pockets and playing with the idea of zippers at the hem, just for fun. 

If the Sabrina Slims aren't your style, the Duets or Resolutions are more options. Ponte is a heavier weight and lends well to bottoms. I've used Ponte for jackets also though so the Women's Constellation, Men's North Star or kids Navigator would work too. 

Love Notions Patterns to Grab on Sale

So let's talk about what to get on sale! Everything! Well, that's probably not possible so let me give you some ideas of what I've made using Love Notions Patterns. All patterns will have direct affiliate links to them. This gives me a portion portion of the sale price but costs you nothing. Remember all patterns are 50% off! The sale runs July 31-August 1, 2020. 


For more on kids ideas, I have a blog post about capsule sewing for kids here

Kids Game Day Jersey


Classic Tee- Blog post found here

Summer Basics- Blog post about adding the shelf bra on the LN Blog here

Vivace Dolman- Blog post found here

Rhapsody Blouse- For woven

Harmony Blouse- For woven

Women's Constellation- Blog post found here

Octave Coat- Blog post found here

Laundry Day Tee- Grab this for free with the code in the FB Group

You couldn't go wrong with any Love Notions pattern. I love them for the whole family!

My posts may feature affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase from these links, I receive a small percentage in compensation at no cost to you. I may have received patterns or products to test or review but the opinions I voice are my own. 


  1. I appreciate when you tell us about the fabric you used. That really helps me match fabric to the pattern!

  2. Love your tie dye Sloan; and I agree with Sheryl- thanks for including info about your fabric choices!

  3. Your information and pictures are very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  4. I love your makes every single time! You have such great fabric taste and really make the patterns come alive.


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