Sewing Goals: 2022

In 2021, I decided not to set any sewing goals for myself. It was a smart decision for my mental health after almost a year of the pandemic. For 2022 though, I'm back at goal setting but with a twist. I want to sew 12 patterns that I own and just haven't gotten around to. I feel like this is a strategic choice that not only justifies all my pattern purchases but helps me stay focused on my sewing each month. 

1. Made for Mermaids Sutton

This woven girls dress or top has been on my to-sew list for 2 or 3 years. I want to make it for my friends daughter and need to do it before she's outgrown the pattern sizing. While woven sewing isn't what I prefer, I want to stretch myself to make this. 

2. Friday Pattern Company Square Neck Blouse

I've been meaning to get around to this pattern since the square neck gives me all the feels. What's great about this pattern is that it has knit or woven pattern pieces. I was drawn to this pattern because of the square neck but hesitant with the hip length. Now that length is all the rage and I really like it, especially for summer wear. 

3. Hey June Brunswick Pullover

I bought the fabric I intend to use for this make months ago and just need to prioritize it. I especially love the extra details like the side buttons. 

4. George and Ginger Switch It Up Bra

I love making bras to wear but have been intimidated by the number of options of this pattern. Plus binding isn't my strength.

5. Sew A Little Seam Linden

I've had these on my Make Nine for 3 years and haven't prioritized them during the time I'd actually wear them. After tackling a couple pairs of linen shorts last year, I'm ready to take on these with functional zipper and button.

6. George and Ginger Star Struck

This is completely out of my comfort zone and exactly why I want to make it. I'm not sure when or where I'd wear it but I want to give it a try! 

7. Pattern Emporium Harem Pants

Another woven pattern but this time for some pants! 

8. Chalk and Notch Pixie Tee

I've been drawn to the unique drawstring hem of the Pixie Tee and think it'd be a fun top to have. 

9. Love Notions Glissando Skirt

I purchased denim years ago with the intent of making pants but really, I should just make a denim skirt first to get familiar with sewing it. 

10. Greenstyle Clara Wrap

This top looks like it'd be a perfect layer for over athletic wear dropping the kids off in the mornings but also could be a sexy top on it's own. I'm excited to see how it sews up and fits on my body. 

11. Apostrophe MyFit Leggings

I tested the Apostrophe sports bra last year and am interested to see if I like the fit of the leggings as well. This possibilities are endless with these patterns but adding the correct measurements can be difficult.  

12. SewingMachina Fred

I gawked at a sewing friend when she made this top and knew I needed to add it to my list this year. 

Are you setting sewing goals this year? I'd love to hear what they are!

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