An Everyday Game Day Tee

An awesome pattern for the whole family is on sale this week for Love Notions Feature Friday. It's the Game Day Jersey! That means that each of these patterns is $5 today only (Friday May 28, 2021)! This classic jersey is inspired by a football jersey but you know what, it doesn't have to be a sports style. I've made several of these tees as everyday wear for my family and love how they turned out.

The Game Day Jersey is available for kids, men and ladies from Love Notions. The kids sizing spans 2T-16 with both a top and dress option. The newly expanded ladies version includes the top and dress options too and now offers sizes XS-5X. The men's version spans sizes XS-4X. All of these patterns share the relaxed fit, overlapped-v or scoop necklines, sleeve stripe accents and split hem. The front and back have a top yoke which can be used as a colorblocked feature too.

The first Game Day Jersey I made was for my oldest kiddo as part of a capsule last year. I think from that capsule, it was my favorite item I made. You know your kid agrees when they wear it all the time and that's just what he's done. While we aren't a huge sports family, this style was fun to sew up using the colorblocking features. Instead, I used the top yoke with some stars and the main bodice a Star Wars print. 

I ended up loving this shirt on my kiddo so much, I made one for myself this year too! Despite his frowning face because he didn't want a photo, he loves matching his mama. 


For my ladies version, I fall in the standard bust size range. A benefit to this pattern is it includes full bust pattern pieces. If you'd normally need to do an FBA, there's a piece already made for you! I will say, this pattern is very relaxed. It includes the finished measurements so compare those to your measurements to help pick a size. Since I'm working with cotton lycra and prefer a bit less relaxed fit, I sized down one size. 

It's the details that get me with the Game Day though. Checkout the split hem detail. The back hem is about 1" longer which really makes a great look!

Plus the yoke provides that opportunity for colorblocking. I opted for coordinating stripes on mine but could have used a solid color too. Of the two necklines, I wanted the scoop neck for mine but love the overlapping-v I've sewn for my kids. 

My favorite detail? Definitely the sleeve stripes. These are just strips of cotton lycra that are stitched onto the sleeve while it's flat. There's guides on where the stripes should go. I use a projector so just projected those guides onto my sleeve pieces and marked them with chalk. I'd recommend using a fabric that doesn't ravel since there are raw edges, like cotton lycra. There's a tip in the tutorial to use a washable gluestick to hold your stripes in place prior to sewing and wow does that help! Once the glue dried and the strips were secure, I used my edgestitching foot with a length 3 straight stitch to sew these on. 

I wouldn't want to leave out my make of the Men's Game Day either. I made my husband one using triblend from Mily Mae Fabrics. He told me he didn't like the style of the Game Day Jersey then quickly changed his mind when he tried it on. Don't you love how that works out? This one I wanted to save time on so made it a standard hem by removing the extra 1" from the back bodice and just sewing up the sides. I like that the yoke provides that built in color block line which I was able to use for stripes and solids. 

I truly love my Game Day makes so far and see more of these in my immediate future. If you are reading this on May 28, 2021 then each of the Game Day patterns is $5 today only for Feature Friday. Here's a link to each the kids, ladies and men's versions. If you aren't, they are still amazing patterns worth adding to your collection. I can honestly say they are unique and nothing like any other pattern I have. Those are the type of patterns you should have!

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