A Cardigan or House Coat

Pattern Stats: Boyfriend Cardigan

Pattern designer: Love Notions Patterns
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 2.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: Knit fabrics 
My fabrics: Purple plaid from Fabric Mart; Alpaca large cheetah from Mily Mae Fabrics
Options: mid-thigh or duster length; shawl, hood or plain collar; optional pockets
File Types Available: US Paper, A4, A0 and projector 
Price: $12 regular price

I counted the number of cardigans I had a few months ago and it was well over 30. I think that's proof that I love cardigans! I not only love wearing cardigans, I love sewing them too. With the weather in Oregon, we can swing 30 or 40 degrees from morning to afternoon so that extra layer is very helpful. 

This week I'm reviewing the Love Notions Boyfriend Cardigan. This isn't a new pattern, it's one that's gotten a facelift! This pattern has gone through re-testing for an extended size range now for sizes XS-5X on the newest Love Notions block. With the update, a new duster length and plain collar were added. I heard duster length and said sign me up! 

Why did I love the duster length addition? It's dramatic. The length hits just past my knee which means it's longer but not too long. Plus the side vents allow for movement still. 

My husband calls these my "house coats" and really that's true. They are comfy and warm, similar to a coat but easy to wear around the house. I wear loungewear around the house so these fit right in. 

The Boyfriend tutorial includes directions on the split side vents. With the purple plaid I used a straight stitch on my sewing machine while with the alpaca cheetah I practiced corners with my coverstitch. While my technique could use improvement, I'm glad I gave this a try as I prefer this method of hemming/finishing. I hope to perfect this technique over the next couple months and have a video with my tips and tricks coming soon. 

Now there's three different neckband options... shawl, plain and hood. I've used the hood for my Alpaca duster and the shawl for my plaid duster. The plain is the newest addition for a thinner straight neckline. It's great for a simple look and using a bit less fabric. 


What other options are included with the Boyfriend Cardigan? Slouch patch pockets! While patch pockets are a style I'm familiar with, the slouchy style of these are unique. I liked how they were constructed and that slouchy look they have giving more dimension to my cardigan. 

If you are looking for the perfect duster aka house coat aka house sweater, I'd highly recommend using faux alpaca fabric. This fabric is from Mily Mae Fabrics and perfect for people who are cold all the time (like me)! This fabric is fuzzy soft on the outside and flat on the inside. It's easy to sew, not too thick yet warm. It's the best way to wear a blanket around fashionably. I've paired it with jeans and a classic tee in triblend. 

Let's talk the pricing details. If you are reading this on Friday March 26, snatch this pattern up for Feature Friday for $5 only! If you missed it Friday, it's $9 for re-release before it returns to regular price of $12. If you are thinking about spring sewing, the Boyfriend Cardigan would be a pattern I'd add to my collection. 

Happy Sewing!

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