Pjs to Everyday Wear

The longer this pandemic goes on, the more I'm reaching for cozy clothes. I can tell you the only reason you see me in jeans on this post is because I wanted to show options. You can find me in pajamas or cozy clothes 90% of the time. So it got me thinking, how can I show that pajamas can be worn out of the house too? I think I have it figured out!

I started with this fun floral rib knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. It's a darker coral color with white and black flowers. I love rib knit and the versatility that it really has. I've sewn a lot of rib knit lately because it works for just about everything. 

Picking patterns that work for pajamas but don't necessarily look like pajamas on their own was the next key. I've been wanting to make another Breckenridge Henley for a few weeks so that seemed like an easy pick. I wrote about my love of the Breckenridge here for more details on this pattern. This is actually my first short sleeve Breckenridge but that works so well for spring. The Breckenridge was drafted for everyday wear so wear it with jeans and you are good to go on your way. 

I chose to pair the floral with white lush rib knit for the placket, also from Mily Mae Fabrics. This is a fabric base that has 4 way stretch, sews well and is easy to work with. I like that the white created a pop of the neckline and showed off the non-traditional v-neck henley. To show off the black in the flowers, I added 3 small black buttons for the closure. 

For the pants, I wanted to try something new to me. The Resolutions are an all-in-one pant that I've had on my "to make" list for well over 6 months. They offer 5 different cuts which seems like so much from one pattern! I opted for the joggers but there's also the plain leggings, moto leggings, bootcut yoga and straight yoga cuts. What's really fun is that they have a back yoke, which I accented with the white lush rib. If you want to minimize the look of the back yoke, I'd recommend using the same fabric as your main fabric so it blends together.  

For the waistband, you can use a contour option or yoga band. I know my own preference is a yoga band with cotton lycra to keep them in place so that's what I did. I did opt to add the optional front pockets since I like being able to put my phone or keys in them. For this outfit to be less pajama like, I paired it with a solid tee. You could also add a sweater for a winter look. 

I didn't need to make adjustments to these Resolutions but will grade out for my calves on my next pair. This is something I have to do with all pants and just forgot this time. Fortunately the rib knit had enough stretch to fit fine still. If you do have concerns with making pants, there's a fit guide included with this pattern. I honestly really love the fit of these Resolution joggers and plan to make more soon!

Now that we've talked about how to wear these pieces out and about, I'll just throw them back on and lay around my house. If you need any other lounge wear ideas, I'm your person. 

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