Fall Sewing with Versatile Pieces

It's that time of the year... where all the leaves fall to the ground and the weather starts cooling down. I have a love hate relationship with fall. I really enjoy the colors of fall leaves and the crisp mornings. Oregon's known for it's rain and unfortunately, fall is when it comes back. I've learned after 35 years of living in Oregon that strategic clothing layers are best for fall. I think I've figured out the perfect fall outfit for me, using Love Notions patterns!

This week is the Love Notions site-wide 40% off sale to celebrate Tami's birthday. All patterns (except the Glissando's) are on sale from October 5-9. It's the perfect time to grab the patterns you need to make your fall clothing and more. I'll have links included in this post that are my affiliate links. What this means is I get a percentage of the sales and you get to enjoy the discount. Affiliate payments allow me to continue blogging and sewing consistently. I appreciate anytime you choose to use my links. 

So what's my first pick, my most used and most recommended pattern for fall? Definitely the Sabrina Slims! This pattern is versatile and practical. It boast both front and back pockets, two different views and several different hem finishes. The crop length is really helpful to avoid wet pants too. This is a pair I made in testing with a premium stretch leggings fabric from Mily Mae Fabrics. I have some denim Ponte on hand planned for another pair soon. 

If you are looking for more casual pants, the Resolution Bottoms would be a great option. I think I'll make a few pairs since let's be real, with virtual school during a pandemic, I'm not leaving the house much lately. While they aren't on sale, I also have my eye on the Glissando crop pants. I plan to make a denim pair to wear this fall. 

Now that we have some of my favorite pants covered, let's talk about top layers. Oregon is known for it's wet weather but did you know the weather can change 30+ degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day? Layers are very essential to keep you warm in the brisk morning but can be removed for the pleasantly sunny afternoons. I wear a cardigan almost every single day. My most recent one is a Canyon Cardigan in View B. I really love that the Canyon has 3 different views for completely different looks; A-line, gathered and waterfall. Since I was using stripes, I opted for the gathered version to highlight the stripes. 

On this Canyon, I did do a few hacks. All were simple, I promise! First up, I decided to cut a straight skirt rather than the curved skirt like in the pattern. The reason I did this is because I wanted to see the straight lines of the stripes rather than them arching. To modify this, I measured the pattern piece width and height. Since I was already modifying, I decided to just remove the skirt seam and ended up cutting this as one big long piece, like it was cut on fold. I did a mistake here though and acccidently created a 2" shorter cardigan than I intended. I rolled with it but if you make the Canyon, know it'll be 2" longer than I have here. 

The other hack I did is one I do on almost all cardigans. I added cuffs! I find I prefer a cuffed sleeve since they can be pulled up easier. To make this change, decide how tall you want your cuffs. I opted for 2.5". Cut your sleeve 2.5" shorter. Cut cuffs that height plus the seam allowance, doubled. So 2.5 + 3/8 = 2 7/8 doubled = 5 3/4". For the width, I cut them 95% of the sleeve opening. 

Now what do I prefer to wear as a top, for everyday? I'm a knit fan and wear the Classic Tee or Laundry Day Tee most. This top is the Classic Tee made from triblend. Triblend is the quintessential t-shirt fabric in my opinion. It's also easy to work with because it's not slippery and holds it's shape well. This mustard triblend from Mily Mae Fabrics was gifted to me by Love Notions earlier this year. I had the intent to make a Classic Tee and made it happen. 

Let's talk about the question I'm sure you are thinking. Why'd you make a v-neck? Aren't they hard? Well, I honestly considered a scoop neck but then remembered I don't have many v-necks because I'm always intimidated by them. The only way I can get better at mastering them is through practice. The V-neck instructions in the Classic Tee made a beautiful v-neck but I do have a few tips I've picked up along the way. 

  1. ALWAYS baste your neckband on a v-neck. Basting allows to easily remove the stitches and try again. 
  2. Don't be afraid to retry. This v-neck worked on the second attempt. 
  3. Use pins to keep your neckband in place. I always use clips but for v-necks, pins are more secure. 
  4. Steam your neckband after it's attached.

Why do these three pieces provide versatility? The Sabrina Slims in stretch jeggings can be paired with any top. The Classic Tee goes with most bottoms without being too fitted or too loose. The Canyon Cardigan keeps you warm when you need it. Plus, who doesn't want great fitting and comfy clothes to wear around during a pandemic? Keep in mind, just changing your shoes can create a completely different look and feel of your outfit too. Below you'll see the same pants and tee with boots vs bright flats. 

Now's the time to think about what pieces you want to wear this fall and get to sewing. Don't pressure yourself to make a whole new wardrobe. Just find the pieces that make you happy and work together. Don't miss out on the last sale of the year at Love Notions where every pattern (except Glissando's) is 40% off October 5-9. Happy sewing! 

My posts may feature affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase from these links, I receive a small percentage in compensation at no cost to you. I may have received patterns or products to test or review but the opinions I voice are my own. 


  1. I love this! That is pretty much my uniform too and I live in Washington. We have to be ready to add and shed that cardigan layer. :)


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