My Favorite Things: Leggings with Pockets

I've debated my favorite leggings pattern for a while. I keep changing my mind! I have plans to do a comparison of basic leggings but have gotten stuck on making leggings that can hold all my things so they needed one thing... POCKETS!

The two patterns that come to mind are the Pattern for Pirates Peg Legs with add-on and the Greenstyle Creations Super Gs

The reason I'm comparing these two patterns is because of the side exterior pockets integrated into the side panels. I know other patterns offer back waistband pockets but having a large iPhone, it just doesn't fit well. I prefer the exterior pocket for easier access to my phone and keys. 

I wanted to compare the patterns with the same fabric so these are both made with the black athletic fleece from Surge Fabric Shop as the main fabric. I only had a yard of it so chose to use different fabrics for the side panels on each and will get into that with each pattern comparison. Here's the basics comparing the patterns.

Pattern for Pirates 
Peg Legs + add on
Greenstyle Creations 
Super Gs
Size rangeXXS-Plus 3XXXS-3XL
Stretch Requirements50% stretch75% stretch
LengthsShorties, bike, capri, ankle21”, 26”, 29”, 32”
Gusset TypeCrotch onlyFully integrated
WaistbandLow or high rise; standard or contourMid or high rise contour
PocketPatch PocketFoldover integrated pocket
Pocket sizeMediumLarge

Here's the front view of each according to my sizing outlined below. 

Here's the back.

I will say, I am not a runner. You won't find me judging how either of these patterns work for running. I do however indoor cycle 3 or 4x a week. I've worn both for cycling numerous times. 

Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs + Add Ons

The peg legs was the first leggings pattern I ever tried. I've had great success with the fit of the pattern because I grade per my measurements. (see below) That means that I start at a size Large waist, graded to a Medium hip through the thigh then to a XXL calf. 

My measurements:
Hip: 39.5" (M)
High Hip: 36" (M)
Waist: 30.25" (L)
Thigh: 24" (M)
Calf: 15.5" (XXL)

The original peg legs pattern was updated in April 2017 which included adjustments to the pattern fit and more detailed sizing information. They released the "add-on" also available for free which includes the contour waistband, side panel, colorblocked side panel, waistband pocket and a gusset piece. If you have questions about the peg legs, there's a peg legs 101 blog post with all the details you need to know in picking fabric and sizing for your leggings.

For this pair of peg legs, I used the following pieces (All from the Add-on):
Contour Waistband (main and lining pieces)- in yoga knit
Side Panels (2)- in yoga knit
Side Panel patch pockets (2)- in yoga knit
Side Panel pocket band (2)- in yoga knit
Front pieces (2)- in athletic fleece
Back pieces (2)- in athletic fleece

The athletic fleece I used is from Surge Fabric Shop. It has 75% 4 way stretch and is brushed on the back side for added warmth. The fabric has moisture wicking properties and was a good choice for a bit thicker and warmer legging option going into winter. I've paired it with my favorite yoga knit from Knitpop for the waistband, pocket and side panels. It's the Black Raven 280gsm yoga knit that I use for everyday leggings, bands, and bras. This yoga knit has 100% horizontal and 120% vertical stretch. 

The side panel pockets for the peg legs is a patch pocket style. You add the pocket band to the top and then topstitch the pocket onto the side panel. The pocket looks tiny when constructed but because you are using a fabric with such high stretch percentage will stretch to fit. That being said, it's a tight fit for my massive iPhone. 

The contour waistband is the best thing ever. To use the contour waistband on the peg legs, make sure to cut along the low rise cutline. If you add the contour waistband to the high rise option, the waistband goes up way too high. With adding it to the low rise cutline, the final waistband hits me just above my belly button. I used to be passionate about the yoga waistband because of the comfort but the contour stays in place better. The shape of it gets smaller towards the waist since that's the shape of my body, it's so helpful. You can add elastic to the inside of the waistband but I don't find it necessary with this pattern piece. All of my everyday leggings have the contour waistband now without elastic and I have no issues with needing to adjust them throughout the day. 

This pattern also has optional colorblocking for the side panels. I chose not to do that with this pair. I have used it on other pairs though to add fun visual interest. Another option is the waistband pocket. I don't prefer those so didn't add that in but it's an option. 

The gusset included in this pattern is small. I don't find it does anything to adding movement for athletic use. The fit of the pegs for athletic is a bit stiff and limiting on movement. That being said, I've cycled 10 miles in them and didn't have any issues with my waistband falling down. That does depend on what fabric you use though. 

PROS: Free, contour waistband, colorblocking options
CONS: Side pocket is small, small gusset

Greenstyle Creations Super Gs

So maybe you are questioning why you would pay for this pattern when it sounds like the free peg legs is a great option? I did think that too. The reason you need this pattern is the awesome gusset.

Where the gusset is optional in the peg legs, it is fully integrated and a required part of the fit in the Super Gs. The gusset spans from the inside calf on one leg to the other. It's huge but that means you get so much more mobility in the Super Gs than any other legging I've worn. These are my all time favorite leggings for athletic use. Due to the gusset, the construction of the Super Gs is a bit different so watch the steps carefully. 

For the Super Gs, the only measurements you need are your waist and hip. I found it very difficult that this pattern does not include a calf measurement.  The thigh and calf measurements are provided on the actual pattern pieces. I found this odd that they aren't included in the measurement chart as my first pair didn't fit due to needing to grade out for my calves. Even more confusing is the range of fit for the thigh and calves. I was within range for the M calf but ended up on my second pair grading out to XL because they were way too tight at the calf. This pattern is drafted for 5'7" height rather than the industry standard of 5'5" so I end up using the 26" inseam to account for this. 

Waist: 30.5" (M)
Hip: 39.5" (M)
*Calf: 15.5" (M-XL)

This pattern can be made without any side panels but that also removes the pocket. I usually make the Super Gs with the side panels because I can get the main front and back pieces out of a fat half of fabric. The pocket is great on this pattern too. It's a fold over on the top so it's easier to fit my phone or keys into it. Another benefit to the wide gusset is that the main front and back pattern pieces are narrower. I can get those out of a fat half of fabric if it's non-directional.

For this pair of Super Gs I used the following pieces:
High Rise Front Waistband- in textured square swim
High Rise Back Waistband- in textured square swim
High Rise Front lining waistband- in yoga knit
High Rise Back lining waistband- in yoga knit
Front pieces (2)- in athletic fleece
Back pieces (2)- in athletic fleece
Side Panel (2)- in textured square swim
Pocket (2)- in textured square swim
1/4" clear elastic

The athletic fleece I used is the same from above from Surge Fabric Shop. It has 75% 4 way stretch and is brushed on the back side for added warmth. This time I've paired it with textured square swim knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. What's great about swim knit is that its usually a nylon/spandex blend and contains plenty of stretch. I like the feature of the texture it provides to this black pair of leggings. I used the same yoga knit from the peg legs for the waistband lining on the super Gs. 

The fabric stretch requirement for the Super Gs means you need some pretty specific fabrics. This pattern is designed for compression so the ideal fabric is a performance knit with 75% 4 way stretch or supplex. I made a test pair in 4 way stretch Cotton Lycra and don't think I'd recommend that. Depending on the thickness and stretch of my fabric, I often will change my seam allowance to 1/4" rather than the 3/8" in the pattern to give more ease. 

I use the high rise cutline on the waistband. This ends up hitting me at or just below my belly button. I haven't been able to figure out why the waistband of the Super Gs needs elastic but the similarly shaped peg legs contour waistband doesn't. On this pair I thought I'd skip the waistband elastic. It was a mistake. I ended up removing the waistband and adding elastic to prevent the waistband from falling down continually. Once I did this, I've had no issues. I would highly recommend not skipping the elastic in the waistband on the Super Gs. I do really like that the waistband lining is cut a bit smaller than the main. This pulls the upper waistband seam inside allowing it to lay flatter. 

PROS: Full gusset, large fold over pocket, multiple lengths
CONS: Confusing Thigh and Calf measurements, gusset construction can be confusing, requires high compression high stretch fabric

Final Comments

I love both of these patterns and think they both have so much to offer! I think the Peg Legs is my favorite for everyday while the Super Gs are ideal for athletic use. That's fine to have different patterns for different uses! 

I prefer the pocket style and gusset of the Super Gs but the waistband of the Peg Legs. I do find the elastic in the waistband of the Super Gs though is my preference for cycling. I will say though, I find the athletic fleece fabric and even pant length to be too warm to wear for indoor cycling most of the time. These are often my leggings I wear for school drop-off or shorter rides. 

Which waistband is my favorite? Peg Legs Contour Waistband
Which pocket is my favorite? Super Gs
Which gusset is my favorite? Super Gs
Which pattern is best for athletic use? Super Gs
Which pattern is best for everyday use? Peg Legs
Which pattern has the most fit/sewing resources? Peg Legs

Need more resources about these patterns? Both patterns have sew alongs online for more sewing tips and tricks. The Peg Legs sew along is on the Pattern for Pirates blog and ran by Alex. The Super Gs sew along was ran by Sarah on her blog Sewing with Sarah. Sarah also goes into more details about where and how to do reverse coverstitching on your seams. This is not only pretty but helps reinforce seams from strain. 

The top I'm wearing in all these photos is the Sinclair Journey front zip hoodie made from Surge Fabric Shops Drifit. This is an intermediate hoodie pattern that produces professional finishes. I've sewn up the zipper pockets and half hood (or cowl) version with black cotton lycra accents. 

More Photos

Still not sure? Here's some photos of my other Peg Legs and Super Gs I've made over the years.

Peg Legs: Main Yoga knit from Knitpop, sides DBP with pockets from Mily Mae Fabrics

Peg Legs: DBP no pocket from Snowy Owl Fabrics

Peg Legs: Holographic athletic knit from Mily Mae Fabrics

Peg Legs: DBP (source no longer in business)

Peg Legs: Athletic yoga ABP from Knitpop

Peg Legs: Jegging knit from Mily Mae Fabrics

Peg Legs: Nylon Swim from Mily Mae Fabrics

Peg Legs: Athletic knit from Joann

Super Gs: Main CL from TKB, sides yoga ABP from Knitpop

Super Gs: Athletic Yoga knit from Mily Mae Fabrics

Super Gs: Main nylon swim from Mily Mae Fabrics, Sides yoga ABP from Knitpop

Have more questions? Leave a comment or reach out on social media. I can be found on Instagram @gabeandzach or Facebook

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  1. Oooh this was a great post! I only use leggings for everyday and I have found myself more partial to the 5 out of 4 Ninja Pants, which is also a free pattern. But I love the Peg Leg contour waistband and end up using it for any leggings I make. I haven't tried the side pocket add on yet and I should because I always end up looking for somewhere to put my phone when I'm wearing leggings on errands. 😂


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