New Pattern Release: P4P Fierce Undies

Pattern Stats: Fierce Undies
Pattern designer: Patterns for Pirates
Pattern level: 2/10
Time start to finish: Less than an hour
Suggested fabrics: Cotton lycra, athletic spandex, bamboo lycra
Options: Low, mid or high rise; thong, cheeky or brief cutlines
My fabric: Bamboo lycra Mily Mae Fabrics; cotton lycra from Joann and Mily Mae Fabrics
Price: $8.50 through November 7th, 2019 then $10

Never did I ever think I'd be making my own underwear and better yet photographing them. For some reason this was less intimidating to photograph than when I've taken photos of swim suits or athletic wear. This actually has LESS coverage than all of those. Here I am to say though that I'm an underwear making fiend. The new Patterns for Pirates Fierce Undies changed my mind about what style of undies I like to wear, what fabrics I prefer and busted the idea that undies making was difficult.


This pattern comes in sizing XXS- Plus 5X. 
There are 3 rises: low, mid and high. 
Plus there are 3 styles: Thong, Cheeky and Brief

The size chart has waist, high hip and hip measurements to guide you on choosing your size. This pattern does have negative ease so pick the sizes closest to your measurements. I chose my size based off my hips as that's the measurement over my booty. I found for low rise, I used the size all based off my hips. For mid rise, grade to the high hip size (if needed). For high rise, grade to the waist size (if needed). 

I measure a size medium for my hip and high hip with a size large waist. For all of my low rise versions, I made a straight medium with medium elastic cut length.

Low Rise Cheeky size Medium
For the high rise thong, I graded up to a large for the waist and cut the size large elastic. If I hadn't graded it would have been too tight. 

High Rise thong Large Waist to Medium hip

Supplies: Fabric & Elastic

This pattern has an exposed elastic waistband. Make sure to pick elastic that you want to see and is soft. The majority of my pairs I used a 1" knit elastic. It's not the softest but I purchased 50 yards of it so it was readily available. You can also purchase plush, soft or waistband elastic. The recommendations are 3/4"-1.5" width. Keep in mind, if you use a 1.5" elastic you will have a higher rise and the opposite is true of the 3/4" elastic. I found I preferred the 1" width elastic to maintain the low rise feel I prefer. 

If you are making the thong or briefs you will need 3/8" clear elastic, preferably Lastin elastic for the leg finishing. 

For fabric, you definitely need to pick a fabric that has excellent recovery and contains spandex. I preferred cotton spandex or bamboo spandex. Other testers used athletic fabrics and loved the fit with that, I just haven't tried that fabric yet. 

There are several hacks for both the Fierce bra and undies on the Patterns for Pirates blog including the lace elastic waistband hack. I found it very comfortable and see myself adding stretch lace to my next couple pairs. If you plan on using this hack you will need 1" stretch lace instead of the elastic mentioned earlier. 


There are 3 rises and 3 cut lines to choose from to find your favorite fit of undies. I wear leggings frequently and have always thought that thongs are the only undies to wear to hide the lines. I was wrong when I found out the cheeky cutline works even better! 

The cheeky is finished with a hem while the thong and briefs have 3/8" lastin elastic for the leg finishing. All of these can be made exclusively on a sewing machine. (I actually prefer to use my sewing machine for undies and swim sewing.) I use a zig zag stitch to ensure there is still stretch.

Below are all of the Fierce Undies I've made so far and what fabric/elastic combo I used. 

Lowrise Cheeky 
Cotton Spandex from Mily Mae Fabrics
1" Knit elastic

Lowrise Cheeky
This elastic makes these fit more like a midrise

Lowrise Cheeky
Bamboo Lycra from Mily Mae Fabrics
1" knit elastic

Lowrise Cheeky
Bamboo Lycra from Mily Mae Fabrics
1" stretch elastic (blog hack)

Highrise Thong
Bamboo cotton from Knitpop
1" knit elastic

Lowrise Thong
Cotton lycra from Joann
1" knit elastic

New Release Info

The Fierce Undies were released as part of the Fierce set which includes the Undies and Bra for both women and youth. There are different bundles depending on what you are looking for. The best way to navigate that is through this Fierce Roundup. All of the patterns are on sale without a code needed through November 7th, 2019. 

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