New Pattern Release: New Horizons Knoxville Top

Pattern Stats: Knoxville Top
Pattern designer: New Horizon's Patterns
Pattern level: 3/10 tank
Time start to finish: 2 hours
Suggested fabrics: Waffle knit, sweater knit, rayon spandex, modal, ITY, rib knit, DBP
My fabric: rib knit from Walmart
Options: Bottom or twist knot; shirt or tunic length; crew, scoop or cowl neck; sleeveless, short, elbow, 3/4 or long sleeves; 
Price: On sale for $7, regular price of $9.95

If you read my previous twist top comparison, then you know I love the fun detail of a twist. I think it adds dimension and an extra level of detail to a top. I particularly love twist tops in solids so they have that little bit of fun. 

New Horizon's recently announced a tester call for their Knoxville Top which features not one but two knot options. I was so excited to give this new top a try as a tester! 

Let's get into the details about this top. The Knoxville is offered in both shirt or tunic lengths. For testing I made the shirt length which lands about mid-butt level.

This top is unique in that it comes with not one, but two knot or twist options. The bottom knot is the simpler version. The twist knot, which I made, is a bit more complicated to construct. 

For the neckline, choose from crew, scoop or the cowl. For sleeves, pick from short, elbow, 3/4, long or opt for sleeveless. For my tester version I used the cowl and long sleeves. This cowl is one of my favorite cowls since it is large and drapes so well. The cowl alone uses about 1/2 yard of fabric as it's a single piece cut on the fold. 

For fabric I used a light weight rib knit I purchased at Walmart. I really liked how this fabric draped for the knot and the cowl. I have to say, I think I prefer twist tops in a solid fabric. The twist provides drama to a normally solid and more plain top. The preferred fabrics for the Knoxville are light to medium weight knits that drape well such as sweater knit, waffle knit, rayon spandex, DBP, modal, or bamboo. 

The fit of the Knoxville differs based on which knot option you sew. Each length and knot has it's own pattern piece so there are 4 front pattern pieces to print if you want all of them available to use. The bottom knot is a bit more fitted across the hips where the twist knot is a mid-relaxed fit. Fabric will play a role into the fit as well with lighter fabrics being looser and medium weight ones being more fitted. 

PROS: 2 twist options, Sleeve length options, cowl neckline, shirt or tunic lengths

CONS: Twist construction can be confusing, number of pattern pages to print all the options

The Knoxville is on sale through October 25, 2019 for $7. It is available for Girls ranging in size from 12/18 month- 16y and for Women ranging from size XXS-30. 

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