New Pattern Release: Made for Mermaids Jade Peplum, Mini, Dress & Romper

Pattern Stats: Girl's Jade and Women's Jade
Pattern designer: Made for Mermaids
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 1.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: DBP, Bamboo, Rayon Spandex, Cotton Lycra, Liverpool
My fabric: Each make detailed below
Options: Peplum, mini, dress, short romper or pant romper; scoop or tie front; faux front knot; faux shoulder ties; pockets
Sizing: Available in doll, baby, girl and/or women
Price: Sale price of $7.50 each or bundles available with links below, regular price $9

I can't rave highly enough about the newest Made for Mermaids pattern, Jade! Jade is the third pattern in the Resort Collection, following Naomi and Tallulah. Naomi was such an easy to sew and wear pattern but I think I may love Jade even more! Throughout testing, I sewed up 5 versions of Jade (none with the same options) and have plans for several more. 

Why do I love Jade? The flexibility and fit. Catherine has drafted Jade to be fitted across the bust but gives ease at the hips with a flowy circle skirt or gathered romper bottom. Personally, I really love that I can wear both of my Jades without a bra. 

As for options, it's loaded with them! First, start with which bodice you'd like. There is either the scoop or tie front. I used the scoop front bodice for my niece as I didn't want any attention to her chest at this age. For me, I loved that the tie front accentuated my chest without being distasteful. 

Then there's circle skirt peplum, mini or dress length options along with gathered short or pant romper bottoms. As for add-ons, pockets are a favorite but there are also faux shoulder ties and a faux front tie too. 

I immediately knew when I saw the Jade design that I wanted to hack it with a halter option. I prefer halters in the summer since they avoid back strap tan lines and I personally think they provide me a bit more bust support. My details on the halter hack are apart of the Made for Mermaids Blog Jade Hacks


For my halter Jade, I chose to repurpose a previously made Lea romper that didn't fit be in the trunk. I was able to cut it apart and use the scrap remnant to get this short romper version. The fabric is a neon floral Liverpool from Pretty Posh Prints several years ago. This Jade is the 3.5" inseam short romper with pockets, tie front bodice and halter hack. If you are making a romper version, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND measuring and comparing your trunk length. The reason my Lea was a scrap was that I didn't realize I have a super long trunk. I had to add 2.75" to the Jade pattern pieces for my trunk length. I know that I don't have a longer side waist and added all of my length to my short pieces. You will probably need to adjust differently based on your body. 

Oh but I can't forget to mention that this Jade romper has pockets! The Liverpool fabric works really well for pockets and prevents the pockets from sagging. I think if I was making the romper with a lighter weight bottom like rayon spandex or bamboo I would omit the pockets as they would droop too easily. 

It is common during a pattern test to have an assigned version to sew to ensure all views are tested and photographed. I was assigned the tie front peplum version. I'm really happy I was given the peplum version as I'm not sure I would tried it otherwise. I used the Karma DBP from Mily Mae Fabrics for both mine and my nieces versions so we could have a matching set of peplums. 

For all of my Jade's, I graded per my normal. For Made for Mermaids, I wear a Blue bust/sleeve graded to an Indigo waist. My hips fall into the Blue size and should be graded back in. I did that for the romper version to avoid too much extra fabric on the hips but kept the Indigo size hip for the peplum/dress versions. 

I'm wearing this peplum without a bra and wore it for hours without one. If you are larger busted, I would recommend adding power net to the front pieces and elastic to the straps for support if you want to wear it braless for extended periods of time. I really like the peplum length because it goes so well with shorts in the summer. 

My niece is in the scoop front bodice version in the girls peplum length. She's in a straight size 10 for this one. She loves the feel of DBP and look of tie dye so I immediately thought of this print for her. I've paired it with some bonny legging shorts in athletic fabric. 

She doesn't like anything plain so adding the faux shoulder straps to her version was an easy way to make it have a bit more to it. 

I also made my boys Karma tanks using the Jordan pattern so they wouldn't feel left out. We haven't all worn them on the same day yet but I'm sure that's coming up very soon. I was able to be creative and get all of these items out of 2 yards of fabric. 

My next Jade was this dress version for my niece. When she tried on the peplum, she immediately started twirling. I knew she needed the dress so she could spin all around. That's just what she did. For sizing on this one, I opted to keep the 10 width but lengthened for size 12 height. She carries her height in her legs and is 55" tall, right at the max height for size 10. 

She designed this one herself with a light pink floral DBP from Mily Mae Fabrics paired with a solid pink DBP from my stash. When I asked her about shoulder ties, she replied "of course!" What I loved about this dress is that it took an hour from cutting to hemming! 

Then all of fabulous testers started posting the rompers they made. I knew my niece would love it too so I whipped one up one morning. She had plans with my mom for a date to get pedicures. I had just finished a custom dress for my mom so I pulled out my scraps and came up with this combination. The top of this Jade is made from navy Cotton Lycra from Purple Seamstress with the bottom being the Liberty rayon spandex from Mily Mae Fabrics

She loved how this one felt with the light weight of the rayon spandex for the shorts. I made this one as a 10 width and 12 height again and am glad I did. She definitely carries her height in her torso and legs so a straight 10 would have been too short for the romper. 

Here's her and my mom before they left for their day date. If you haven't noticed yet, my niece LOVES matching others. She requests it all the time. 

Jade is the most recent pattern released in the Resort Collection from Made for Mermaids. The Jade is available for Doll, Baby, Girls or Women and includes special new release pricing including many bundle options outlined below. Each individual pattern is on sale for $7.50 each or further discounted in a bundle. 

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