New Pattern Release: Sinclair Ivy

Pattern Stats: Ivy Knit Top
Pattern designer: Sinclair Patterns 
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 2.0 hours
Suggested fabrics: DBP, CL, Rayon spandex 
My fabric: Cotton Lycra/DBP and rayon spandex/jersey
Price: $6.99 through July 12th, 2019 then $8.99

The Ivy is the latest Women's pattern released from Sinclair Patterns. This may look like a curved hem color blocked top from the front but the back is different than any other pattern I've sewn. It has a back pleat! This top features curved hems, a back pleat and 3 different sleeve lengths. 

I made two different versions of the Ivy and found drastic differences. Not surprisingly, fabric is key for fit. The Ivy on the left is made from rayon spandex and jersey with the right side being cotton lycra and DBP. 

For my first Ivy, I used scraps I found in my exploding scrap bins. That's one benefit about this pattern, the yolk pieces take so little fabric! The yolk and sleeves on this top is made from the Mily Mae Fabrics dusty pink rayon spandex. I found a scrap of the Hobby Lobby jersey for the bodice pieces. This felt like a lighter more summery top so I opted for the short sleeve length. 

One disadvantage to using a rayon spandex for the yolks is that it doesn't provide much support to the back pleat. I found it drooped a bit after construction just from the little added weight. I would recommend topstitching after attaching the yolk and bodice piece if you use rayon spandex. Also, make sure to not skip reinforcing the shoulders when using lighter fabrics like rayon spandex. These lighter fabrics often don't have great recovery and stretch from the weight of the garment. 

That being said, the shape of this top is very flattering. The back pleat provides more drape and ease to make this a fitted yolk into a relaxed but shaped waist and hip. This specific top I made a US6 bust graded to a US8 waist and hips. For most Sinclair Patterns, I usually sew a size 6 bust to 8 waist back to 6 hip. Based on this shape I didn't grade back in for my hips to keep a straight side line. My other make I did grade in and prefer that shape more. 

The other Ivy I made is a winter version. I wanted to use this diamond DBP but know that I get too warm wearing DBP most of the year. The easy solution was to make a winter version Ivy and pair it with black cotton lycra from Knitpop. I have black cotton lycra on hand all the time and actually prefer to order it in bulk. Knitpop offers 20% off 10 yards of one specific fabric which makes it really affordable. 

I'm really happy with how this one turned out! I prefer the bit more structure and recovery the cotton lycra provides over the rayon spandex in my pink version. The DBP made the pleat really easy to stitch. 

I also chose to size down my hips like I do with all Sinclair Patterns normally. I hadn't on my pink version as during testing we were afraid there wasn't enough ease in the hips. That has been remedied so sewing up a size 6 bust, 8 waist and 6 hip per my measurements is what I went with. I noticed the fit difference and prefer the more graded one. 

The Ivy is on sale for $6.99 with no coupon needed through July 12, 2019. Then it will be priced at $8.99. 

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  1. Spell check messed you up!
    Yolk is the yellow of an egg.
    Thanks for your post, I have been considering making that.
    Yoke is sewing term.


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