George & Ginger Edgy Top

Pattern Stats: Edgy Top
Pattern designer: George & Ginger Patterns
Pattern level: 2/10
Time start to finish: 1.0 hours
Suggested fabrics: knits with 50% stretch such as cotton lycra, DBP, ITY, bamboo
My fabric: TKB Prints cotton lycra stripes, Surge Fabric Shop ITY blue stars 
Options: sleeveless, short, 3/4 or long sleeves, optional flounce
Price: $4.50 for 48 hours then $6.00

I'm still thoroughly enjoying the George & Ginger Facebook Group tests. I like that it's available if I want to but the pressure of pattern testing is lifted. If I don't get it done or life happens, it's no big deal. After I downloaded the Edgy pattern for testing, I quickly realized my plate was full. I didn't think I'd end up making it in time for the testing deadline. 

Fast forward to Memorial Day when we are back home from the beach and I'm feeling the need to sew. This Edgy came to mind so I just had to make it. I know it's pretty in your face patriotic but I love bold prints and looks. I think it'll be a great to wear for 4th of July too.

The Edgy top is a one-shoulder fitted top with optional flounce. It can be made sleeveless or with one of 3 sleeve lengths. It's finished with a wide neckband and bottom hem.

I'm starting to realize one of my favorite parts of my body is my shoulders. It might seem weird but I love how an off the shoulder top looks on me.

The only modification I did for the Edgy is to remove length from the flounce and not hem it. The ITY doesn't unravel so a raw edge was something I could live with. The hem allowance on the flounce was 1" so I just cut 1" off the outer edge of the flounce piece. I provided feedback in testing that I would prefer the armscye to be lowered. I'll scoop that out more for my next one. I suspect the reason it rides up on me is that I have wider shoulders and they are pulling it tighter. 

Fabric selection is key for the Edgy since it is a fitted top, you need great stretch and recovery. For that reason, I chose to use heavier weight cotton lycra stripes from TKB Prints. For the flounce, I wanted it to drape and swing when I moved so I picked the ITY stars from Surge Fabrics. I had stars in cotton lycra also but that stiffer fabric would produce a flounce that would stick out more rather than falling like the ITY. 

As part of the update and re-release, the Edgy is on sale for 25% off for the next 48 hours. That means you can get this awesome top for just $4.50! 

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