George & Ginger Rival Dress

Pattern Stats: Rival Dress 
Pattern designer: George & Ginger Patterns
Pattern level: 2/10
Time start to finish: 1.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: 2 or 4 way stable knits such as Liverpool, scuba or French Terry
My fabric: Floral scuba paired with mid-weight bamboo 
Options: Sleeveless, short, 3/4 or long sleeves; hood, cowl or neckband
Price: On sale for $6.75 through 5/7/2019 then $9

I've been pattern testing a lot lately. My husband asked me why I keep committing to these tests and my answer was simple, I want to learn. I want to see new techniques, try different styles and push myself out of my comfort zone. I sew a lot and with that, my closet is pretty full. Okay, let's be real, it's REALLY full. By testing patterns, I'm given a chance to sew up items when I may not have been able to justify them in my exploding closet. 

That being said, when the George & Ginger Rival Dress re-test was announced, I gave it a try for a whole different reason. I've been eyeing G&G patterns for a while and never knew if they were for me. This open test gave me the chance to try a pattern (for free), see how the instructions and photos are, what the fit is like and give my opinion before committing to buying a pattern. (In all honesty, I did buy my first G&G pattern the day before the test started and that's how I learned about the test.) 

What's an open test you ask? It's something that Kristi announced in her Facebook group and I'm not sure I've seen any other pattern company do this before. The pattern was posted in the FB Group and available to download for 24 hours only. Anyone could participate if they downloaded the tester version in that 24 hours and sewed it up within the week timeline. After it's done, we were instructed to send pictures, feedback and edits to her via email.

So the test was posted Monday morning, I grabbed it and started planning. I was completely stumped on what fabrics to use until I showed up at my friend Amanda's house on Tuesday. Amanda is the owner of Mily Mae Fabrics (you've probably seen I sew up quite a bit of her fabrics) and recommended the 2 way stretch Rae floral scuba. I hadn't worked with scuba much but this floral design was bright and called to me. When I saw it, I knew immediately that the purple bamboo she carries would pair perfectly. 

With the open test, there were no assigned options so I could take my pick. I ended up making the dress in the sleeveless version with the neckband neckline. The dress has 2 pockets, one on each side of the hips that are part of the pattern and not optional. I could have used the bamboo for the pockets too but I felt if I wanted to use the pockets, I need more structure to hold my phone or keys without the fabric sagging. 

My measurements put me in a straight size 10 Medium. That immediately told me that Kristi drafts patterns for my shape unlike the majority of other pattern companies that I have to grade out for my waist 2 sizes. I already love that. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. There were picture illustrations on each step. 

I did find myself topstitching my seams more than I normally do just so the scuba would lay flat since it's a bit thicker than I normally work with. 

The final dress is quite possibly my new favorite piece. It's bright, bold, feminine and form fitting all in one. The bottom band makes it not show my butt and the neckline isn't too low to show everything when I bend over. The structure of the scuba is a huge plus. I'm not sure I'd love it as much being so form fitting in a looser fabric. I'm already planning my next one, probably with a hood.

If you already purchased this pattern, the update link should have been emailed to you. If you purchased it through Etsy, Kristi asks for you to email her with proof of purchase to get the update. Otherwise the Rival ison sale for 48 hours at $6.75 or after that for $9. 

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