George & Ginger Drama Dress

Pattern Stats: Drama Dress 
Pattern designer: George & Ginger Patterns
Pattern level: 2/10
Time start to finish: 1.0 hours
Suggested fabrics: 2 or 4 way knits jersey, rayon spandex, triblend
My fabric: Liberty 2 way stretch rayon spandex 
Options: slim or full skirt, 4 sleeve/sleeveless lengths with cuffs or hem, optional pocket, collar, keyhole, or bowtie neckline
Price: $9.00

Can we talk about my new love? It's a simple dress. One that's called the Drama Dress and I had no idea why. It doesn't appear on the pattern to be any different than other dresses but wow was I wrong! 

Once again, Kristi offered an open testing call in her George & Ginger Facebook Group and once again, I may have set an alarm to ensure I downloaded the pattern to test. I had this feeling it would be amazing. It is.

The Drama Dress features two different width cut lines. There's the slim skirt or full skirt. I opted for the slim skirt for this make, mostly because it takes less fabric. I made this same dress for my mom earlier in the week and went with the full skirt for her. It's definitely got more volume and more of a swing style. 

Now as I've stated time and time again, I usually grade out 1-2 sizes for my waist. With G&G patterns, I don't have to do that. I'm a straight size 10 medium in this dress. I was a bit concerned this would mean the dress would hug my waist where I don't want it to. It didn't and it is actually very flattering on my waist. 

I wanted this dress to have some Drama to it so I chose to use the keyhole neckline. I originally wanted to make the tie neckline but I was short on my coordinating red rayon spandex fabric. I'm happy though, this keyhole isn't too revealing but is still a fun detail. It's constructed by creating a knit binding piece that is attached to the keyhole cutout. 

The only portion of this pattern I would change is the neckband itself. I find it pretty wide yet tight and close to my neck. On my next one I will add some length, reduce the neckband width and potentially scoop the bodice out a bit more to increase the neck opening. 

My original verdict on the dress length was that it was too short for my liking. Then I took the photos and loved it. I do think it's on the short side for having kids running around me but for the Drama and fun look, I really like it. 

The fabric I used is the Liberty rayon spandex from Mily Mae Fabrics. I do have another dress in this fabric already but the style is so different and quite honestly, I love that one too. I really love the thin vertical stripes with bold red flowers. 

After I took these photos, I was cold and threw on my jeans with the dress tied up. It's another look that is so fun and makes this pattern even more versatile. I plan on hacking a top length now too. The Drama Dress is on sale for it's re-release at $6.75 for 48 hours only. The sale pricing ends Tuesday May 21, 2019 at midnight. 

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