Sinclair Daisy Blouse

Pattern Stats
Pattern designer: Sinclair Patterns 
Pattern level: 5/10
Time start to finish: 3 hours
Suggested fabrics: light weight wovens with drape such as rayon challis, cotton voile, cotton lawn, rayon crepe, silk 
My fabric: Rayon crepe from Mily Mae Fabrics
Price: $10.99

I've been a knit girl for as long as I can remember. Most woven tops don't fit me well. Especially those ready-to-wear ones from the store. Knits are more forgiving and the stretch often means I can look past some small adjustments for fit. In woven though, that doesn't work.

I can now say, I understand and love woven apparel. I've been in testing for the new Sinclair Daisy Blouse for over a month to help get the perfect fit. There were 3 sloper fits before the pattern was drafted. Then there were 3 different versions until we ended on the final top. It includes cup sizes A-DDD, a curved hem, petal or long sleeve and the standard three heights for pattern pieces. It's such a fun, feminine and beautifully draped pattern.

Let's dive into the details on this blouse and how I picked my sizing. 

My measurements are:
Upper bust- 35"
Full bust- 37"
Waist- 30.5"
Hip- 39"

Below is the size chart for Daisy. 
Normally for a woven top I would need to do an FBA but with this pattern there are different cup sizes already drafted. Based on the recommendation, I sized down to a US8 as my base size based from my upper bust measurement of 35 inches. To determine my SEWING cup size, you subtract your full bust from your upper bust. Keep in mind, your sewing cup size may not be the same as your bra cup size and that is okay. In my case I would take 37"-35" to get me a difference of 2". With a 2 inch difference, I should select and print the Cup B. If you are in between, size down to the smaller cup size. 
  1. Cup A - Difference 2.5 cm / 1 in
  2. Cup B - Difference 4-5 cm / 2 in
  3. Cup C - Difference 6.5-7 cm / 3 in
    Cup D - Difference 9.5-10 cm / 4 in
    Cup DD - Difference 12-12.5 cm / 5 in
    Cup DDD - Difference 14-15 cm / 6 in
Now if you remember, I made a C cup sizing and that is because during testing our ease changed a bit. Based on my measurements with the final version, I should make a US8 with B cup. My top is a bit looser across the bust than other testers and that is because I used the larger cup size front piece. In regards to printing, make sure to only print the front pattern piece for the B cup. I would recommend grading for the waist or hips if it's needed. In my case, I measured a size US8 waist but US6 hip and graded accordingly. 

For the sleeves, you have the option of the petal or long sleeve. I opted for the petal since spring is quickly approaching but I loved the look of both. 

The front drape of this top is accomplished by making 4 pleats. The tutorial has specific measurement instructions to ensure the pleats are even which I'd highly recommend following. I found using pins kept them in place well too. I pressed and steamed the pleats before adding small pieces of washaway wonder tape to secure them. Then I basted them in place with a long straight stitch. 

After I followed the steps to attaching the neckband binding, I made sure to press with steam again. If you are using delicate fabric, make sure to test it before applying heat. You may need to use a pressing cloth to protect the fabric from burning from the heat. 

Now let's talk about the fabric. I chose to use the plum rayon crepe from Mily Mae Fabrics which is a plum color with small white polka dots. The dots add texture without being too busy because of their size. The rayon crepe has a great drape but isn't slick so was easy enough to work with. 

Look how beautiful this top looks dressed for work with trousers (left) or with a pair of skinny jeans for everyday wear (right). 

I can't rave about this blouse enough. I feel so proud of it's finishing qualities on one of my few woven apparel makes. I'll definitely be making more even if it's just for a nicer looking blouse when chasing my children around. 

Plus the curved hem is so flattering and adds that nice little touch to the back. 

The Daisy is now available to purchase from the Sinclair Patterns website by following the link. Use the code DAISY at checkout to receive the pattern at $8.99 through March 31, 2019.

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