Sinclair JJ Joggers & Sunset Loungers Mashup

How to mash patterns: Joggers + Lounge Pants

I love myself cozy pants! Both the Sinclair JJ Joggers and Sinclair Sunset Lounge Pants are worn frequently in my clothing rotation. I decided it was about time I mashed them to get the best of both together in one pair of pants.  I prefer the waist of the Sunset pants with the yoga style waistband and slim fit of the JJ's for the bottom.

For this mashup you will need the Sunset Lounge Pants and JJ Joggers both printed and graded for your sizing.

You will need the following pieces from each pattern:

Sunset Loungers
Pocket Band

JJ Joggers

After you have all of your pattern pieces ready, start with your front and back pieces. Line up the back pieces together of both the Sunset and JJ's with the JJ's on top. I matched up the point of the crotch curve for both (shown on far left of picture below).  Alternatively you could get out your tracing paper and start by tracing the Sunset's followed by the JJ on top of that. I chose to not do this as I find just clipping and folding to be a fine method for me.

Match up the pattern pieces at the crotch curve point. Clip together there.

I then folded down the JJ's pattern from the top so the Sunset's is visible. If you haven't yet, I would suggest clipping where both pieces meet at the crotch to ensure they stay together at the same place. You will follow the pattern piece that's exposed for the top. You will also need to cut mirror which is easiest by having your fabric folded over for this step. 

This is what the bottom portion looks like. JJ's on top, Sunset's on bottom. From the crotch point down, you will follow the pattern on top. The reason these patterns are so different in length is due to the cuff on the joggers and that they hit at the ankle vs the loungers going to floor length. I place my pattern weights on the top Sunset portion and cut from the crotch curve to the same spot horizontally. You may need to grade slightly to get these to line up. Then I flip back up the JJ's top portion, put my pattern weights down again and then flip up the Sunset Lounger bottom portion from the crotch down. You will then continue to cut out the the slimmer pattern which is the JJ's. 

Follow the JJ's for cutting the bottom portion as outlined in purple.
For the front pieces, follow the same technique but this time you will also cut out the pocket cutout if you choose to add pockets. Make sure to cut along the top cutline for the Sunsets as this is the yoga waistband option. 

For the front, follow the Sunset top cutline and cutout shown in purple for pockets.

Continue by cutting out the cuffs from the JJs pattern for whichever length you want. Then cut out the pocket band, pocket piece and waistband from the Sunsets. 

For construction, start by following the pocket instructions on the Sunsets. After this point, you can follow construction from the JJ's for assembling the legs and cuffs. To attach the waistband, reference the Sunset directions. Here's what they look like completed!

Sunset Lounge Pants hip and waist with pockets

JJ Jogger legs and cuffs
I do adjust the JJ Joggers for my calf measurement and have done so here too. The fabric I used is a very thick Alpine Sweatshirt Fleece from Surge Fabric Shop. This fabric has limited stretch and wasn't ideal for this project. I was wanting some very thick and warm joggers to wear for snow weather but think I'd pick a fabric with greater stretch for my next pair. I did add a 1/4" extra allowance to the hips and waist to account for the limited stretch. The pockets and waistband are a yoga weight DBP.

Back view of Sunset/JJ mash in Alpine Sweatshirt Fleece

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