Nora Split Band Hack

Today's the first day we've had snow this winter! It's not surprising as I live barely above sea level in the PNW. Yesterday I had decided I needed to make a Nora/Adrianne mash for colder weather with a split band hack. I'm so happy I did as it's beyond cozy! Hacking a pattern to make it your own can be full of challenges. Sometimes hacks can be simple though and this is one of them! Creating a split band takes only minutes and can be achieved with any top that features a waistband. 

Before I get into the specifics, can we talk about how wonderful DIBY Nora + Adrianne Cowl is? I made my first Nora for my mom for Christmas. She loved it! It's been on my must make list for myself for months but this week it just seemed like the perfect time. I've had a love affair with the Adrianne cowl since I tested the pattern last year. It's by far the biggest, floppiest, most cozy cowl I've come across. What's even better is that the Adrienne cowl fits on the Nora without any modifications. I used the funnel collar neckline cut options on the Nora and it just fit. 

For the split band hack, the Nora already has front and back bands cut separately. If you were using this hack for a single piece waistband, you would divide the length in half and add in the seam allowance. Before cutting these pieces, I found adding an extra seam allowance of 3/8 inches to each short side of the band pieces was helpful. Cut your front and back band pieces. 

To assemble, match the long sides of the band right sides together. Next, you will sew up both short sides of each piece. Turn the pieces right side out. Press to get the seam flat and ensure it's straight. Then fold each band in half and clip the middle of each. Do the same to find the center front and back of the bodice. Match the front center bodice to the marked center of the front band piece. Follow the same process for the back band but overlap the edge of the back band 1/2" over the front band. I would recommend basting the overlap with your sewing machine now. I then switched to my serger and serged both band pieces to the bodice. Press the seam up towards the bodice. Then it's done!

Now let's talk fabric. This black brushed Melange sweater knit was leftover from my brother-in-laws Finlayson sweater I made him for Christmas. I was short on having enough for both sides of the cowl so I used a scrap box violet waffle knit for the underside. It's so lovely and fun to just have a peek of it. The violet color way has been sold out for a bit but there are some other color ways of waffle knit available still. 

This sweater exceeds all my hopes for it. It's easily my favorite sweater now as it's the perfect combination of warmth, coziness and style all in one. 

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