DIBY Kaius Sweatshirt

Pattern Stats: Kaius Sweatshirt
Pattern designer: DoItBetterYourself.club
Pattern level: 2/10
Time start to finish: 1.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: medium to heavy weight French Terry, sweatshirt fabric or sweater knit
My fabric: Brushed French Terry from Mily Mae Fabrics
Options: Regular or slim sizing, hood or neckband, kangaroo pocket, banded or elastic waist, cuff or elastic sleeves
Price: On sale for $8.99 through February 24th, 2019

Sewing for kids can be challenging as their growth spurts can change their size quickly. Just like with adults, kids have a wide variety of shapes. The newest DIBY Kaius Sweatshirt offers a basic sweatshirt in both a regular and slim fit. By allowing both of these size ranges, it's much easier to find a fit for every child. This is the first pattern in the new DIBY kids line. I'm excited to see what they decide to add to this line over the next year.

Both of my boys measured into the regular size range which isn't surprising as they carry their weight at their waists. The pattern recommends to pick their sizing off of their chest measurement which they both fell into the size 3 size. This children's pattern is unique in it's adjustments as you pick the size of their chest and then add or remove for height and sleeve length accordingly. The tutorial in the DIBY instructions are thorough on how to do this. For my youngest, I added 0.5 inches to his bodice. For my oldest, I added 3 inches to his bodice and 2.5 inches to his sleeve length. The intended fit of this sweatshirt is relaxed with longer length sleeves. 

My boys are both going through a phase where they don't prefer a hood so I chose to make both of their sweatshirts following the neckband instructions. I think this gave more of a sweater look than you'd get with a hood. The only issue I found with this is that my oldest has a large head. With using a size 3 pattern his head did not fit through the opening. I will make a larger opening on the next one I make him. 
Banded waist and cuff sleeves

Elastic bottom and elastic sleeves

I varied the finishes on sleeves and waistband for each child. I liked to see the difference in look and fit between the cuffs/band and the elastic finishings. I've never made anything with elastic in the sleeve or waistband and loved the finished look for my youngest. Attaching the elastic in the sleeves was challenging with such a small opening but I think it turned out great. 

For the fabric, I'm obsessed with this brushed French Terry from Mily Mae Fabrics. I have it in every color way as it's the softest French Terry I've found. Both my kids love plush and soft fabrics so I knew they'd enjoy the feel of these. My youngest is in the Denim color way while my oldest is in the Grey. To pair with the denim stripes, I used a limited edition distressed camo (no longer available). For the cuffs and waistband on the grey, I paired it with the ivory distressed knit. The one I used is out of stock but it's been replaced with this one. 

The Kaius Sweatshirt is on sale for it's release for $8.99. This includes both the regular and slim fit options as well as A0 print file. 

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