DIBY Cecilia Crossover Sweater

Pattern Stats: Cecilia Crossover Sweater
Pattern designer: DoItBetterYourself.club (affiliate)
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 1.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: light sweater knit, light french terry, rayon spandex, DBP, anything with good drape
My fabric: Light distressed french terry from Sincerely Rylee
Options: 3/4 sleeve hemmed, long sleeve cuff or long sleeve with thumbhole cuffs
Price: Introductory sale pricing of $9.99 through 1/29/19 then $11.99

Every time I'm on Pinterest these beautifully draped crossover front sweaters show up. I've been thinking of trying to recreate them but now, the DIBY.club has done just that. The newest DIBY release, the Cecilia Crossover Sweater, is just what it sounds like. A draped crossover front with three sleeve options. The construction is brilliant in that the layout doesn't take nearly as much fabric as you would assume. I was able to get my 3/4 sleeve version from less than 1.5 yards. 

To get a draped look, the pattern has dolman style arms that allow for a looser bodice fit. The other benefit to this, is the need for an FBA is eliminated. Now don't think the pattern is frumpy because it's anything but that. The crossover front has drape across the bust and then attaches to the back bodice at the hem to fit the hips just right. As I do with most patterns, I graded for my ideal fit. I measured an 8 bust, 10 waist, 10 high hip and 8 full hip. 

The instructions and tutorials provided in the coveted DIBY manual are exceptional and thorough. Everything you need to know about grading, adjusting for height or general construction is laid out for all sewing levels. The only part potential difficulty with this pattern is the amount of hemming. How the pattern is designed, both the back and both sides of the crossover front pieces are hemmed prior to finishing construction. I used my coverstitch for this step. If you don't have a coverstitch, a standard sewing machine can be used too. During testing, washable hem tape was also suggested as a tool to help with hemming the curves. 

For this top, I found a lighter fabric provided the ideal drape. I just received my 50 shades of grey mystery box from Sincerely Rylee Fabrics and knew immediately that I wanted to use this open distressed light grey french terry for this sweater. The open distress can be difficult to use because there are holes showing completely through. Fortunately, I feel the need to wear a tank top under this sweater already so the open distress seemed like a non-issue. The other reason I choose this fabric is the weight. It's one of the lightest silky french terry fabrics I've ever felt. It provided warmth while maintaining the ideal fit and look of the pattern.

My overall opinion on this pattern is that I love it. It's unique and trendy without being extremely difficult to make. I'd like to make it in a bit thicker sweater knit to see how that fits differently too. I would highly recommend this and all other DIBY patterns to any seamstress, new or experienced. Get the Cecilia on sale for $9.99 through January 29th, 2019. 

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