Sinclair Sunset Loungers

Pattern Stats
Pattern designer: Sinclair Patterns (Affiliate Link) 
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 1.5 hours
Suggested fabrics: French terry, DBP, cotton/lycra
My fabrics: DBP for geometric pair, cotton lycra for Star Wars
Price: FREE (with code below) until 12/31/2018 then $8.99

This week Sinclair Pattern's facebook group hit 10,000 members and celebrated with a giveaway plus a new free pattern. You guessed it, the Sunset Loungers! I was lucky enough to test these pants to add to my growing pants collection. Plus I made a pair as part of our family Christmas pajamas. 

One of the benefits to Sinclair Patterns is they are pre-drafted in petite, regular and tall heights which means most people don't need to make height adjustments. This can save a ton of time being able to just print, assemble, cut and sew! What I love about these pants is their fit. They are fitted across the hips and looser through the thigh and legs without being too loose or frumpy. The pockets are different than the JJ Joggers but still a great addition. These pockets are made with a single pocket facing and topstitched on reducing bulk from another pocket layer. 

Now let's talk the waistband. You can choose between the yoga waistband, ruched waistband or there's even a ruched maternity waistband cut at a lower waistline. There's also an optional drawstring with grommets or button holes and directions for elastic as well. Both pairs I've made with the yoga waistband, one with and one without the drawstring. I find they stay up well and are very comfortable for wearing them all day long. 

Now I know, it seems a bit early for Christmas sewing. If you think about it though, sewing takes planning and time so getting a jump on it now will save my sanity later. Of course I had to make my Christmas pj's first since I found the perfect fabric for this year at Joann. It's Christmas themed Star Wars and I have enough for the whole family! I'm what patterns I'll be using for everyone else so these will be added into my sews for the next month. 

The Sunset Loungers are being offered for FREE with code SINCLAIRPATTERNS until 12/31/2018. Here's my affiliate link to grab them and any other pattern's you'd like.

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