Sinclair JJ Joggers

Pattern Stats
Pattern designer: Sinclair Patterns (Affiliate Link) 
Pattern level: 3/10
Time start to finish: 3 hours
Suggested fabrics: French terry, DBP, sweater knit
My fabrics: French terry for legs with DBP for bands
Pattern tips: If between sizes, size down for this slimmer look
Price: $9.99

I've made quite a few joggers in the last year. It's not a style I ever imagined myself wearing. I quickly changed my mind after seeing some amazing looking joggers from other seamstresses. The Sinclair JJ Joggers are like no others though. What I love about pattern testing for Sinclair is that Oxana works to get the best fit for everyone. They are slim and flattering yet functional with the biggest pockets on any pants I've ever had. My iPhone 8 plus can fit in the pocket fully yet my pants don't fall down. 

This pair I made from a floral rayon french terry I purchased a couple years ago from Love Adore Knit Fabrics. I was drawn to it because of the pop of colors with coral, peach and blues. I'm so happy I cut into it as these joggers just make me happy to wear!

If you haven't tried a Sinclair pattern, then you probably don't know that the patterns are pre-drafted in three heights (petite, regular and tall). This removes the need for most people to add or remove length and also saves time. I'm 5'5" tall which falls into the regular height. This pair I measured in between sizes for my hips and decided to size down. So my waist is a size 8 which I graded to a 6 through the hips and down to the knees then back to an 8 for my calves. I learned early on that grading makes the world of a difference!

Here I've paired them with both coral and blue tops for different looks. 

The slimmer fit removed any saggy booty that I've gotten in other joggers. They are so flattering!

It's really an approachable, easy to make jogger pattern. The waistband takes a bit more time because it has drawstring and 2 channels of elastic but the end fit is worth the extra time. I'm planning a solid color pair to wear out and about more often. The JJ Joggers are on sale for $7.99 through October 14th through my affiliate link.


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